Excessive heat hits southwest US

Excessive heat hits southwest US

Extreme heat affects air travel and affects it in ways hard to imagine.

Temperatures are expected to fall below the 100-degree mark after 8 p.m., so perhaps passengers will be able to travel beyond that.

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DID YOU KNOW? The highest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix, AZ was 122F, on June 26, 1990. It’s been 120 three times, the last time 22 years ago. The National Weather Service forecasted a high of 127 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley, California, calling the heat wave, “extreme even by desert standards”.

American Airlines has canceled 20 regional flights scheduled for Tuesday at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport because of excessive heat that could affect aircraft performance.

“People can go right from what they think is heat exhaustion to symptoms of a heat stroke which is actually a fatal illness”, said Phoenix Fire Department Captain Reda Bigler.

American Airlines has already canceled dozens of flights saying the regional jets can’t operate once temperatures hit 118 degrees. “And let’s not forget the effects on ground support equipment and, of course, the people working outside”, Smith said.

More than 40 flights out of Phoenix aren’t going anywhere.

It’s so hot in the southwestern United States that flights out of Phoenix, Arizona are being canceled because of the extreme heat.

The hot conditions are labeled as a classic pre-monsoon heat event for the Southwest region and not a particular climactic phenomenon, NWS said.

To avoid the heat, many destinations that experience extremely high temperatures, like in the Middle East and Central America, schedule flights to take off during the late evening when temperatures are cooler. This dome heats sinking air as it pushes it down – like a pressure cooker.

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration reported Monday that the average global temperature in May 2017 was 1.49 degrees above the 20th-century May average of 58.6 degrees.