Flint airport officer stabbed during attack out of hospital

Flint airport officer stabbed during attack out of hospital

The Michigan airport officer who was almost stabbed to death by a possible terrorist last week was discharged from the hospital on Monday, a Hurley Medical Center spokeswoman told NBC News.

Lt. Jeff Neville, an officer with the airport police department, was released Monday, June 26, a spokeswoman for the hospital told MLive-The Flint Journal in an email.

Ftouhi just yells “allahu akbar” while he stabbed the police officer, and then he said that the deeds America is doing in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, will return to the American land, which will leave many dead on this land.

Authorities have not said why Ftouhi left Canada for the United States on June 16, traveling to Flint’s airport where he attacked Neville, who was in uniform and on duty.

A bond hearing for Amor Ftouhi, the 49-year-old Canadian man charged in the stabbing, is scheduled for Wednesday.

Despite his injury, Neville managed to subdue his assailant until he was handcuffed. Officials said he is expected to fully recover. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Now the victim is behind bars, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation got involved in this kind of similar to terrorist attack, and thus, they are investigating the matter in depth.