Fox sets writers for The X-Files season 11

Fox sets writers for The X-Files season 11

Anderson was reacting to a report that the writers’ room for the next season of “The X-Files” is, once again, completely male. And now, Scully herself Gillian Anderson pointed out another way the iconic show has failed women.

The actress, who has played Agent Dana Scully on the hit supernatural Fox drama since it premiered in 1993, retweeted a Washington Post report that Season 11’s writers room has only hired men, and then chimed in with another not-so-fun fact for female filmmakers. The only other woman to direct an episode of the show is Michelle MacLaren (of “Breaking Bad” and more), who made her directorial debut on the Season 9 episode “John Doe”.

As Anderson, who portrays the beloved Dana Scully in the cult Federal Bureau of Investigation conspiracy drama series, points out, only two out of a total 207 episodes in the original X-Files series were directed by women.

We too, look forward to the day when the numbers are different. By the end of the 1993-2002 run, the two develop a romantic relationship and are reunited in the tenth season which takes place 14 years later.

Anderson herself is one of these women.

The X-Files was picked up for another renewal season – technically the show’s 11th overall – in April, and is expected to premiere sometime in early 2018. The series also has an assorted past when it comes to equal pay, Anderson revealed a year ago that it took her three seasons to receive an equal salary with her co-star.