Google experimenting with what ads might look like in VR

Google experimenting with what ads might look like in VR

Area 120 gives the teams the ability to test new ideas that would eventually become Google products, or be integrated with existing products.

Advr’s latest project comes under Google’s Area 120 – an experimental project to help budding teams build new concepts and ideas suited for the entrepreneurial world.

If you don’t know what Area 120, I don’t blame you.

Video ads in Advr will only open up if users tap on the cube, or if users stare too long at it. Users will also easily be able to close these video ads with a tap or click.

Developers Aayush Upadhyay and Neel Rao explain in the blog post that they are operating under the principles that VR ad formats should be easy to implement, native, customizable, useful and non-intrusive to users.

The company today launched a dedicated website for its internal incubator Area 120. My worry is that these cubes will end up becoming a distractive element within VR content and that the ads the cubes contain will insist on being watched to the end, not unlike what happens in Season 1 Episode 2 of the infamous Black Mirror. This appears to be a rather non-intrusive format, as users are free to choose to just ignore the cube and don’t interact with the ad at all. Adobe has been working on VR experiences, and Adobe Primetime already supporting several types of ad formats for VR.

Another possible problem that this presents is accidentally triggering video ads, as pointed out by Engadget. Now, Google and Area 120 want to continue their work with the developer community across Google Cardboard, Daydream and Samsung’s Gear VR headsets. The company has also announced a new project called Advr which they’re working on in Area 120. There’s an early-stage SDK available, and VR developers can fill out this form to apply for Google’s early access program. So, if you’re a developer and you’re interested in checking it out, follow the source link below.

While it might seem overly simple, Google’s ad avoids some of the pitfalls that some other VR ads fall into.

Google made a significant portion of its money advertising.