Judge declares mistrial in Cosby sexual-assault case

Judge declares mistrial in Cosby sexual-assault case

“The statement comes despite the fact that Steele had already said he intends to re-try Bill Cosby on the same charges”, noted The Wrap writer Ross A. Lincoln. She was an employee at his alma mater, Temple University, and they frequently interacted because of her work.

He allegedly gave her pills that paralyzed her and left her unable to resist when he started touching her in his Philadelphia home.

McCloskey said he had hoped for answers on the bus ride hope.

It would be reasonable, based on the evidence presented, for the jurors to agree that Cosby is a sexual predator and still disagree on a verdict as to the assault of Constand. Cosby’s defense team pointed out that after the alleged rape, Constand continued speaking with Cosby.

Cosby had once been a beloved comedian, starring in the hit television program The Cosby Show.

Around 60 women have publicly accused the Emmy-winning actor in recent years of being a serial sexual predator, alleging that he drugged and assaulted them over a span of 40 years across the United States.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele said he intends to retry Cosby on three charges of aggravated indecent assault.

“I would say [the alternates] would have voted to convict, but that’s exclusively based on what I think, because literally when we’re sitting in this room as the six alternates, we weren’t allowed to talk about the trial“, McCloskey told the station. Typically, prosecutors have that long to decide whether to retry someone in Pennsylvania.

The prosecution also said they will revisit their petition to have 13 of the more than 50 Cosby accusers testify in the retrial.

Jurors deliberated for more than 53 hours, several times asking to have testimony re-read, before declaring a second time that they were hopelessly deadlocked.

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) – An alternate juror in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case said Monday he “probably” would have voted to convict and was “ridiculously sick” when he found out the main jury couldn’t reach a verdict. “We had so many personalities in the room”.

“I felt like we let Andrea down”, McCloskey said. “I feel bad for all of you, I really do”. “But unfortunately being an alternate, I didn’t have a decision in that matter”.

McCloskey also described one of the most memorable pieces of evidence from the courtroom: a recorded phone conversation between Cosby and the mother of Andrea Constand, Cosby’s accuser.

According to O’Neill, the inconclusive end of the trial does not mean that neither of the two camps would receive vindication, as a new trial will be set in a few months. The only public legal ramifications have been a 2006 civil settlement with Constand (for an undisclosed monetary amount that the court barred from discussion in the criminal trial, and which Cosby sought to reclaim from Constand last year). “W$3 e have a wonderful criminal justice system in this country”, Brian McMonagle told ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday. After Casey Anthony was acquitted of suffocating her 2-year-old daughter in 2011, one juror quit her job and moved due to death threats she received, Hannaford-Agor said.

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