King: Trump ‘doesn’t seem interested’ in Russian Federation election meddling

King: Trump ‘doesn’t seem interested’ in Russian Federation election meddling

The Senate legislation imposting new sanctions on Russian Federation on Thursday with a 98-2 vote.

In order for the bill to become law, it must still pass the US House of Representatives and be signed by Trump.

The administration has signaled it wants an improved relationship with Russian Federation, and many in Congress want to prevent the White House from easing sanctions against the US adversary. It includes language that would prevent President Trump from lifting the sanctions without congressional approval.

The bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee’s deep dive into the Russian election-meddling, which President Donald Trump has suggested is a hoax perpetrated by the media and sore-loser Democrats, will continue next week with a hearing on the cybersecurity outlook for the next election.

“Democrats and Republicans are joining together to warn the president he can not lift sanctions without our approval”, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

They also tacked on an amendment from Sen.

Trump declined to make that commitment during remarks at NATO’s headquarters in Brussels last month, despite signals from administration officials he would.

The legislation would impose new sanctions on Russian individuals tied to “malicious cyber activity” or Russia’s intelligence and defense sectors.

The White House is concerned that the new sanctions are a hurdle to Trump’s attempts at getting Moscow to cooperate with Washington on several fronts, Politico reported Saturday, citing a senior administration official.

“I believe it is one of the most serious attacks we’ve had on our country in recent years, and the president doesn’t seem interested in it”, he continued.