LaVar Ball went full LaVar Ball on WWE Raw & it was fantastic

LaVar Ball went full LaVar Ball on WWE Raw & it was fantastic

Appearing as special guests on Miz TV, the reigning Intercontinental Champion “The Miz” was his usual self and took swipes at the LaVar.

Lonzo also introduced himself to the crowd prior to the incident, telling the fans that he was happy to be in the Staples Center for the first time as a Laker, drawing cheers. The scene got a bit out of hand when LaVar took his shirt of and challenged the Miz but it got even weirder from there.

You’ve seen Lavar Ball on ESPN. Either way, there is something to talk about and the angle for the Ball family’s antics have been that any publicity is good publicity. O’Neil has gone from a wrestler to a heel manager with his “Titus Brand”, looking to turn WWE superstars like Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa into worldwide stars. The amount of times that balls was said between mentioning the PPV, the Ball family, and actual male body parts was overly excessive.

During the segment, LaMelo Ball twice used a racial slur that was broadcast over the air.

Ambrose’s comment garnered a lot of laughs from the WWE Universe inside the Staples Center. Then again, Lavar Ball is a showman that somehow comes close to the publicity stunts prowess of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor. The play of the game came from Dalton Guthrie who went a long ways – with an injured back – and made a spectacular diving play in foul territory.