Lawyer says President Trump not under investigation

Lawyer says President Trump not under investigation

Last week, President Donald Trump tweeted that he’s being investigated over the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

That follows the line of thinking by Trump’s personal attorney, Jay Sekulow, who said on a number of Sunday news shows that Trump wasn’t under investigation.

As the probe into Russia’s possible involvement with the Trump campaign proceeds, CNN reports that the president is hurling insults at Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed to look into the matter.

That assessment was at odds with a Washington Post report last week and seemingly with a tweet by Trump himself on Friday.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller will hold talks this week with senior Senate Judiciary Committee members to ensure that there is no conflict between his investigation of potential collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign and the panel’s probe, two congressional aides said on Monday.

To the contrary: Thanks to The Washington Post, we now know that collusion is only one of three subject areas that the FBI investigation, now led by special counsel Robert Mueller, is exploring.

Several congressional panels continue to investigate Russians meddling in the US election which has cast a shadow over the early months of Trump’s presidency. And that mild statement, vigorously denied by Trump himself, and uncorroborated by any third party, is apparently most of what a charge of obstruction would be based on – that, plus the fact that Trump fired Comey.

“Witch hunt” has become Trump’s preferred phrase to dismiss the probe into Russian election interference.

Rosenstein, in an appearance before Congress on Tuesday, declined to answer a question about his memo recommending Comey’s firing by saying it could be part of the special counsel’s investigation. Trump pleaded this case publicly, but few in the media believed him – until Comey confirmed it under oath this month, exploding a CNN “scoop” in the process.

In a Rose Garden news conference following Comey’s testimony, Trump said that an announcement on the tapes would be coming soon, but coyly added that it would likely leave the media “very disappointed”. He refused to disclose private conversations with Mr. Trump, citing Justice Department policy protecting a president’s rights of privacy in conversations with cabinet and other policy advisers. I believe the – I take the president at his word, that I was sacked because of the Russian Federation investigation. Mueller was rumored to be up for the job of Comey’s replacement (he was also his predecessor).

And Senate intelligence committee member Sen. “They’re essentially engaging in a scorched-earth litigation strategy that is beginning with trying to discredit the prosecutor”.

Turley says that, as a result, “Mueller could not be viewed as a neutral choice by anyone on Trump’s side due to his history with Comey”. I don’t think that tweet helped him, but it’s who he’s been his whole life. Dianne Feinstein of California, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Friday in a statement.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has given his legal team a clear direction: Fight, fight, fight. Schiff said his panel is looking forward to getting a response from the White House on whether recordings exist.

“Fairly interesting that Kushner is putting together a more serious legal team than the president is”, MSNBC Justice and Security Analyst Matthew Miller noted on Twitter.

“I think I better wait until I get done with my conversations with Feinstein before I answer that question”, said Grassley, who also wants to review any actions taken by Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch to influence the Clinton email investigation. He went after “obstructionist” Democrats; “cowardly” James Comey, the fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director; and the “Fake News wrong and so dirty”.

And Senate Intelligence Committee member Angus King, an independent from ME, stressed that the probe will likely last for a long time.

Senator Angus K of ME said, “A lot of people have asked, when will we be done?” Would you confidently go ahead and try to buy the house, brushing aside the information you’d received?