Mayweather, UFC star McGregor agree to August fight

Mayweather, UFC star McGregor agree to August fight

Asked if the Mayweather-McGregor fixture – which pits a boxer against a mixed martial artist – will pave the way to more cross-over challenges, Holm said: “I feel fighting is the oldest sport in the book”.

But, Mayweather is looking to set a new record of 50-0, and further, if he were to lose, it would be one of the greatest upsets in combat sports history.

Rumors and reports of a fight have been floating for nearly a year, with both fighters openly acknowledging a potential bout.

“I just don’t like the way he gets on, I just think he’s an a******e”. “I think people would love to see it”. “I am excited”, said Holm, the former women’s bantamweight champion.

At this point, we have an early prediction from the bookmakers, which are saying that Floyd Mayweather is a favorite, but in an unusual match like this one, we have to add that there are no underdogs and favorites. When he hits you, you go.

For Irishman McGregor, who has won titles in various UFC weight divisions, professional boxing is an unknown territory.

It was announced Wednesday that the UFC lightweight champion would take on Mayweather in a boxing match.

UFC President Dana White said even though kicking and elbowing are allowed in the UFC, he insisted there will be none of that the during this fight.

After nearly a year of speculation McGregor and Mayweather agreed terms on what will be the most-lucrative fight in the history of boxing. “When you talk to this guy, it’s fascinating”. “He is absolutely, 100 percent positive that he wins this fight“. When two guys step into the ring – whether it’s the octagon or whatever – anything is possible. McGregor is a southpaw, which has given Mayweather trouble in the past, but the gloves will also be bigger than what he is accustomed to in the UFC, which could take away some of his power. On August 26th, the Notorious #Conor McGregor will fight Floyd Mayweather in #Las Vegas. It became this thing were it was so impossible to get tickets, that after you already paid for them, that people started canceling their rooms and all kind of things.