Minor NYC subway derailment causes outage, delays

Minor NYC subway derailment causes outage, delays

Three people were injured in an incident at a subway station that prompted multiple trains to be halted Tuesday morning, according to officials.

At least seven people are hurt after a subway derailed Tuesday in New York City, officials reported.

The cause of the accident, which occurred around 10 a.m., was not immediately clear and officials from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the subways, were en route to the scene. He said there was white smoke and “there was a lot of banging around in that auto – it was really bad”. “It was quite a ride”. The MTA urged stranded riders on other trains not to get off their subways and to wait for directions from crew.

Photos posted to social media show passengers walking along the tracks in a dark subway tunnel, using their phone flashlights as a guide.

Two of the cars had entered the station when the train jumped the tracks, and some passengers were able to go right onto the platform. “One lady began having a panic attack, and most people had to use their shirts to not breathe in the smoke”. He said the station wasn’t smoky but there was a strong, acrid smell. In April, a power outage backed up trains around the city and closed a key Manhattan station for 12 hours. A report released earlier this month found that rush-hour cancellations and delays on the railroad are at the highest level in ten years.