MVP Durant, Curry lead Warriors to NBA title

MVP Durant, Curry lead Warriors to NBA title

And mostly, this series is what we could have expected.

Nothing will ever take away the joy last year’s title provided Cavaliers fans, but the team’s first title may have inadvertently set up what looks to be an unstoppable dynasty for the foreseeable future.

Golden State Warriors players and coaches celebrate with the Larry O’Brien Trophy after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in game five of the 2017 NBA Finals at Oracle Arena.

Kyrie Irving followed up his 40-point gem in Game 4 with 26 points but shot 9 for 22.

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors are five minutes away from a title. And this time, no matter what anyone says about the Warriors stacking the deck by landing Durant in free agency last summer, you knew without a doubt that the best team had won. Get highlights and analysis “After the Game” on ABC7.

The Warriors are the standard bearer, and the rest of the league will have to catch up. The All-Star duo combined for 73 points in the win.

Durant showed, again, that he’s what the Warriors had needed.

Durant, with 39 in last night’s clincher, was the difference in what was one of the easiest MVP votes in the history of the Finals.

Tempers flared when Kyrie Irving tied up David West on a loose ball.

“You learn from your mistakes”, Green said.

Draymond Green stayed on the court in a game that featured three technicals on one play 3:08 before halftime. What do you have to fight against Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant as a pair? Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston bring skills on both ends that the Cavaliers could have desperately used in the series. The Warriors are the NBA’s benevolent dictator, and they wear their festooned military jackets with style.

If we all hold each other we might get through it together.

One interesting detail is how Golden State reworked the defense with Curry over the season so that he wouldn’t be forced into bad switches against the Cavaliers. Without their best player, the Warriors would have had more difficulty matching up with James and Kyrie Irving. Getting stops was the hard part.

Cavs’ superstar James had another great season and playoff run.

“Lebron and Kyrie [Irving], I’ve never seen anything like those two before”.

But that’s where the Warriors’ high-powered offense finally clicked into gear. Again, another situation where coming alive in the fourth game just wasn’t early enough. As he has been throughout the series, Kevin Durant was magnificent in winning the Finals MVP. In the decisive Game 3, James was +7 in 46 minutes of play, and the team lost by 12 points in the two minutes he wasn’t on the floor. Through five games, Durant averaged 35.2 points on 55.5 percent shooting from the field, 47.4 percent shooting from beyond the three-point arc, and 92.7 percent shooting from the foul line. And they’re so fast, they get out in transition.

James said he had no reason to feel sorry for himself. I’m working every day, seeing how I can be the best teammate, the best player I can be.