Naked Woman Detained at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Naked Woman Detained at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

A woman suffering from mental health issues caused an outrage after she ran naked in front of Jerusalem’s holy Western Wall near the men’s section on Sunday.

The holiest site where Jews can pray, it is in the Old City of east Jerusalem, which Israel occupied in the 1967 Six-Day War and later annexed in a move not recognized by the global community.

Witnesses claimed it appeared the woman wanted to provoke worshippers who shouted “this is a modest place” while she walked on the plaza.

In an immodest video of the event, the young woman is seen walking out of the women’s section without her clothes and continuing across the Western Wall plaza.

It was not immediately clear why the 23-year-old Israeli chose to remove her clothes, but police said she was completely naked.

The woman was at the women’s section of the wall, with visits there separated by gender under strict interpretation of Jewish law.

“She came in clothed and at some stage took off her clothes”.

They added that she would undergo a psychological evaluation.

According to police, security forces apprehended the woman, 23, after she had discarded of her garments at the women’s section of the complex and began heading toward the men’s side.

The Western Wall is considered the holiest place in Judaism, as it is the last remaining part of the retaining wall that surrounded the Temple before its destruction in AD 70.

Since it is ruled by the ultra-Orthodox establishment, women are also forbidden from wearing prayer shawls and donning other ritual garb at the Wall.

Recently, US President Donald Trump, his wife Melania Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump visited the holy site.