New Ad Hits Senate GOP Over Healthcare Reform

New Ad Hits Senate GOP Over Healthcare Reform

Murray noted that when the House’s proposed Obamacare replacement bill passed last month, Price had called it “a victory for the American people”, and participated in a Rose Garden gathering with Trump and GOP House members to boast of its passage.

If there was any doubt that the GOP’s primary agenda is to further enrich the wealthy, consider another one of their latest stunts. And Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has arranged for it to go straight to the floor of the Senate, where it would need only 50 votes (plus the vice president) to pass, pushing through a major reform of one-sixth of the USA economy without the opposition party or the public knowing anything about its contents. But there is a lot still left for Republicans in the senate to accomplish by the end of June, reports Politico.

I can appreciate why this is an awkward subject for Republicans – they’re brazenly rejecting the legislative process in ways without precedent in the American tradition – but to argue that GOP lawmakers “have to” try to govern this way is plainly ridiculous. Trump also said during the meeting that he wanted the Senate’s version of the bill to be more generous.

Health care spending accounts for one-sixth of the USA economy and the issue of access to insurance coverage is too important to negotiate in secret without sufficient opportunity for public input and debate. What kind of process is it that when you deal with an issue that impacts tens of millions of people in this country. McConnell and his team-13 senators, all of them white men-have been finalizing a new bill behind closed doors.

They criticized Rauner’s silence on the potential loss of $40 billion in Illinois Medicaid funding over the next decade.

Once a bill is finalized, its authors will likely release it a day before it is to be voted on, similarly to what Paul Ryan and House Republicans did to pass their version of the bill. Democrats practically begged Republicans to work with them; The entire process was put on hold for several weeks while the bipartisan “Gang of Six” – three Democrats, three Republicans – worked on a possible deal. “We can’t pay for what we already have: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security”. On Thursday, Senate Democrats tried redirecting the blame to the press. The Congressional Budget Office also estimated that 23 million more Americans would be without insurance in 2026 compared to the current baseline.

I ask U.S. Sen. “Republicans. The average Republican doesn’t even know what’s in that legislation”, Sanders explained.

I think everyone has a right to know how the Senate plans to change access to health insurance coverage and all should be concerned about the level of secrecy surrounding the legislation.