Nintendo Switch HDMI Hub Launches Via Kickstarter

Nintendo Switch HDMI Hub Launches Via Kickstarter

Here’s everything new you can expect in Switch version 3.0.0. With Nintendo also still actively supporting the 3DS as a console, the update should make sharing friends between the Switch and its predecessor easier too. While the avatars are cool, the Friend List update is unbelievable news for anyone who felt like they left some people behind when they upgraded to the Nintendo Switch.

One of these new features is a “find my Joy-Con” feature which allows you to find paired controllers by making them vibrate. This function should also apply to the Switch Pro Controller too.

The Joy-Con controllers on the Nintendo Switch are pretty small, which means that unless you do not forget to connect them back to the console everytime after use, or keep them attached to the grip accessory, there is a chance that you could easily misplace them, whether it be in your bag, the side of the couch, under the table, and so on.

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including…resolved an issue that caused game software updates to fail and prevented the software from starting, and improvements to prevent unfriended HDMI input change with certain TV’s while the console is docked in Sleep Mode. Programming can be conducted using either an on-screen keyboard or instead via a external USB keyboard, presumably including the upcoming official Switch keyboard. For example, you can now choose from six Splatoon 2 characters for use with your avatar.

It wasn’t just controllers that benefit from the update.

Some of the changes in the Switch’s software are big, others are small. If it doesn’t, however, you can start the update manually through the console’s settings menu.

The charging icon when you put the Switch in the dock is even colored now. Classy, but not enough Pikachu.