Oscar Mayer introduces two new vehicles to Wiener Fleet

Oscar Mayer introduces two new vehicles to Wiener Fleet

And now, Oscar Mayer is getting in on the game. Since then, multiple incarnations of the oblong vehicle have been built and upgraded atop custom chassis and streamlined with new designs to roll with the changing times. The fleet now consists of the Wienermobile, WienerMini and WienerRover. It will get its public debut on July 4 at a special event in (where else?) Weiner, Arkansas. “We’re committed to getting our new hot dog in everyone’s hands – and going to great lengths to do this”. “So, we’ve expanded our Oscar Mayer fleet, ensuring every American can taste the new recipe because we believe everyone deserves a better hot dog”.

The company’s “WienerFleet” has been comprised of three vehicles that bring hot dogs to the people-up until now. And a WienerRover? And now in addition to the drone, there’s a WienerCycle, too, with a sidecar that serves as a hot-dog warming station. That’s a whole lot less than other commercial delivery drones, but until they start rolling up with hot dogs, the WienerDrone remains the most advanced drone in the wiener-delivery sub-sector.

The company describes the vehicle, which looks like a tiny version of the iconic Wienermobile, as “the first unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft designed for remote location delivery”.

Interested in having the iconic Wienermobile visit your town?

While it’s no original Wienermobile, which has a payload of up to 27,000 hot dogs, the Weinerdrone is nothing to scoff at.