Police in Florida review test kits after drywall tests positive for cocaine

Police in Florida review test kits after drywall tests positive for cocaine

Cashe was arrested after initially being pulled over for driving without his headlights on in Oviedo.

First, Cashe was put into handcuffs when an officer noted that he was on probation for a marijuana and cocaine charge from 2015 and was passed his court-ordered curfew.

Cashe, a handyman by trade, repeatedly explained to the officers that it was not cocaine, but rather drywall dust.

An officer found white powder on his seat and floorboard, and when the substance was tested, the results came back positive for cocaine, authorities said.

Karlos Cashe was pulled over in Oviedo for a routine traffic stop when the police officer said he noticed a white powder in the man’s auto. Our presumptive tests on the cocaine was positive and that’s what we go off of. Police realized hours later their system was not up to date and Cashe had not violated his curfew.

Cashe was released from jail last week but is calling for an internal investigation within the Oviedo Police Department. “I don’t want this to happen to anybody else”, he says.

So for three months, he sat in jail, proclaiming his innocence and waiting for a state lab to test the substance. “If I get in trouble, I plead to it”, he said, referencing his criminal history.

Karlos Cashe didn’t expect a routine traffic stop would get him locked up for 90 days – but it did.

“This is what I want to stop”, he told WFTV9.

In 2016, police in Orlando arrested a man after confused icing from a Krispy Kreme doughnut for meth.

“It looks like he had a gram and he crushed it up when he saw you”, one officer says to another in the video of the arrest, according to News 6.