Ranbir- Katrina try too hard to act professional; personal differences take over

Ranbir- Katrina try too hard to act professional; personal differences take over

In the interview with VJ Xerxes, at a point when Ranbir was finished answering a question, Xerxes asked Katrina about her character, Shruti’s relationship with Jagga.

Three songs, titled Ullu Ka Patha, Galti Se Mistake and Jhumrithalaiya have been released, and they all have been topping the charts. Produced by Anurag and Ranbir the movie is slated to hit the silver screens on July 14. Are you excited for the film? Later, Shruti tells Jagga to just look into her eyes and perform the hard stunt and Jagga agrees to do so and the duo comes out with flying colours in their stunt report card.

Then there was Katrina Kaif’s “I won’t work with Ranbir again” comment. Ranbir has also gestured (to me) to not work on a film together. When he was responding back, she immediately pulled back her hand. And she’s saying ‘It’s really fair that the media has taken just my joke and made this out to be like something that I just said.

Right from the beginning of the interaction, there was something not right, Katrina pulled the savage hi-5 trick on Ranbir.

This week in “At the Movies”, renowned movie critic Anupama Chopra brings you an exclusive interview with actor-director duo Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Basu for their upcoming movie “Jagga Jasoos“. Also this is the first and last outing of Ranbir and Katrina post their breakup in the year 2016. The trailer of “Jagga Jasoos” has already captured everyone’s attention and it seems to be a fun, musical journey throughout. You see, Ranbir Kapoor stutters throughout the film, the only time he doesn’t, is when he sings.