Raphael Colantonio Is Stepping Down as President of Arkane Studios

Raphael Colantonio Is Stepping Down as President of Arkane Studios

In a letter shared to Bethesda’s website, Colantonio announced his impending departure and detailed his next steps.

Colantonio was one of the founders of Arkane Studio, which opened in 1999, and contributed to the creation of the first game, Arx Fatalis. Taking his place in Austin Texas is Harvey Smith, a developer who’s known to do lectures in game design, though Colantonio revealed he will stay on board to ensure a smooth transition.

Arkane most recently released Prey, the top-selling game in May of this year that saw Arkane put a new spin on the franchise first established by Human Head Studios in 2006.

The announcement stated that Colantonio will be using this opportunity to “spend some time with my son and reflect on what is important to me and my future”.

There is no indication from any source that this is related to sales or performance of any of Arkane Studios recent titles, as both Dishonored 2 and Prey were critical hits, with Prey topping the UK Charts in its second week of release, so this is likely a personal decision, as Colantonio implies.

After living many exciting moments, as well as hardships, with the studio, he decided it was time to part ways and think about his family and future. He also praised ZeniMax, which acquired Arkane in 2010, for giving it the opportunity “to emerge as a world-class studio”. And I know there is even more to come. Smith’s team is now working on Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, an upcoming standalone expansion for Dishonored 2. I proudly join them as Arkane Studios’ biggest champion, and I look forward to playing the extraordinary new games the studio is working on.

“I wish the best to everyone at Arkane, Bethesda, and ZeniMax”, Colantonio concluded.