Russian protests: Hundreds arrested, including Alexei Navalny

Russian protests: Hundreds arrested, including Alexei Navalny

Navalny was sentenced to 15 days in jail.

Navalny, 41, has been mobilizing support on social networks, and hopes the rallies will rattle the Kremlin, as those held earlier this year did.

“We are canceling the rally on Sakharov Avenue and moving it to Tverskaya Street”, a main thoroughfare to the Kremlin, he said.

Teenager Anna Meigan was detained as she protested in Moscow. He was in court on Monday evening, charged with a repeat offense of calling for an unauthorized public demonstration and disobeying a police officer.

“My sister and I went to an anti-corruption rally”.

Moscow police blocked part of the street with big dump trucks in a bid to block the movement of protesters.

At one point, some demonstrators climbed atop a tent that was part of the festivities as men dressed like Russian medieval warriors looked on.

Navalny’s Fund for Fighting Corruption had been providing updates on protests throughout the country Monday. The demonstrators are demanding an end to corruption they say is endemic among government officials.

In the photo, a rally in the city of Vladivostok, where according to the data of the OVD-info, 11 people were detained. The protesters were shouting “Putin is a thief”, “Putin out” and “Russia without thieves”.

Similar crowds turned out on March 26, rattling officials who had perceived the younger generation as largely apolitical. Putin is expected to seek another term in 2018, and Navalny has already announced his intentions to run.

Navalny was among those arrested Monday.

Russian law enforcement arrested dozens of protestors today (Monday) during demonstrations against corruption within the country.

He had called for mass protests in the capital and other cities against what he said a corrupt system of rule.

The demonstrators appeared to skew predominantly younger – those who were born or grew up during Putin’s 17 years in power. He asked to tell you that plans remain the same: “Tverskaya”.

The protesters, some carrying Russian flags, were chanting loudly as Moscow riot police stood watch. Among those arrested was opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who organized the protests held in the center of Moscow.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer condemned the arrests and called on Russian Federation “to release all peaceful protesters”. He said interference had prevented contractors from building a stage at the agreed venue. Police in St Petersburg arrested about 50 protesters at the unsanctioned protest at Mars Field. An opposition-leaning monitoring group, OVD-Info, reported far higher figures for Moscow and estimated that the total number of arrested across Russian Federation may be over 1,000.

Kira Yarmysh tweeted the information shortly after Navalny was reportedly arrested outside his Moscow home while on his way to an unsanctioned protest demonstration. There was no immediate statement from police.

Authorities in Moscow had authorised a venue for the protest away from the city centre.

“Any provocative actions by the protesters will be viewed as threat to public order and immediately thwarted”, the police said.

Around 900 people were arrested at protests Monday in Russia’s capital and second city according to OVD – an independent group monitoring arrests.