San Francisco UPS shooting leaves 4 dead, including gunman

San Francisco UPS shooting leaves 4 dead, including gunman

On the Twitter, San Francisco Police said that the special OPS continues to search the building for additional victims and witnesses.

The shooting prompted a massive police response in one of the city’s industrial neighborhoods, about 2 miles (3 kilometers) from downtown San Francisco.

A witness says he heard at least five gunshots and saw UPS drivers running down the street screaming “shooter, shooter” after gunfire at a sprawling San Francisco package delivery warehouse.

But Cilia said Lam did not seem angry at the time and Cilia could not understand why Lam appeared to go after three fellow drivers during the shooting rampage.

ABC 7 reporter Dan Noyes tweeted that a UPS employee told him “Lam ‘Had it out for a manager, ‘” and sources told NBC Bay Area that Lam had a history of mental illness. On Wednesday, Chaplin said there was no indication the shooting was terror-related but did not talk about a possible motive.

Victim Mike Lefiti was fleeing from the building when Lam went to a street and shot him, he said.

The residence at 335 4th listed under Jimmy Lam, the UPS employee who is alleged to have fatally shot three of his co-workers, but police would not confirm that Lam lived at the residence. She added, however, that UPS drivers are expected to be able to drive legally.

UPS spokesman Steve Gaut said the shooter was a company employee.

“The officers did what they were trained to do and that is when we have an active shooter we engage the active shooter to stop the shooting, and the officers did that”, Chaplin said. He said that “Even one shooting and one victim is too many”.

A nearby resident who identified himself as “Chino” told the SF Gate that he saw several people covered in blood being dragged from the building by officers and firefighters and loaded into ambulances. However, he pointed the gun at himself as soon as he saw them, he “put the gun to his head and discharged the weapon”.

He says another group of about 10 workers assembled on the roof and held their hands up as police began to arrive.

The suspect was wearing a UPS uniform but investigators have not confirmed whether he was an employee.

It was not immediately clear how many employees were at the building, but UPS said the warehouse employed 350 people. Near the emergency room door, a woman in jeans and a sweatshirt who declined to give her name said she was waiting for news from doctors about the condition of her father, who she said was a UPS employee.

UPS officials also issued a statement saying it could not identify the suspect or victims and that it was “cooperating with law enforcement”. “I’ve seen this stuff in the news but never expected to see it in real life”.