Sandy Hook families criticize Megyn Kelly interview with conspiracy theorist

Sandy Hook families criticize Megyn Kelly interview with conspiracy theorist

During the interview, a preview of which was published on Sunday, Kelly questions the InfoWars founder on his promotion of conspiracy theories surrounding September 11 and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT.

After 26 people were killed at the hands of Adam Lanza in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, six of which were children, SHP was created to bring awareness to gun violence prevention.

The large bank JPMorgan Chase has asked for its TV and digital ads to be removed from the show and from all NBC News programming until after Jones’s interview is aired.

JP Morgan Chase has requested its advertising be removed from NBC’s Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly newsmagazine show that features an interview with Alex Jones.

Ms. Kelly defended the interview Sunday night on Twitter, saying that viewers need to understand who Mr. Jones is because President Donald Trump has appeared on his show and praised Mr. Jones.

Corsi said, “She’s gotten a bigger megaphone, she’s gotten a bigger sponsorship from the deep state, and she’s about to do her hatchet jobs, which I think are going to ultimately fail and we will continue to beat by reaching the people directly through the internet”.

“There is no justification for amplifying lies (or a liar)”, Chelsea tweeted about the interview.

She also said she wants to talk to Kelly, off or on the air, “mother to mother, woman to woman”.

“I looked at all the angles of Newtown”, Jones said.

“I’m calling for @megynkelly to cancel the airing of our interview for misrepresenting my views on Sandy Hook”, he tweeted Monday afternoon, along with a 41-minute YouTube video. “You can’t just put him in a box and say he’s just a character”.

Marquez-Green and others are criticizing NBC and Kelly for giving Jones a larger platform to promote his views.

The parents of children who died in the Sandy Hook shooting disagreed.

“Until you see the full program, in the full context, I wouldn’t judge it too much”, Cole said.

Soto’s family says Matthew Mills was a follower of Alex Jones. “You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this behaviour”. “You’re better than this @nbc“, Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose daughter Anna Grace was killed in the massacre, tweeted on Sunday. “Imagine losing your child in a shooting while the man who denies it happened gets an interview“. But regardless, the whole, “Hey, I’m just asking questions here” defense doesn’t really cut it when you’ve been asking questions that have already been answered for years.