Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai saves Godolphin village hall in Cornwall

Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai saves Godolphin village hall in Cornwall

It all started off when Villagers of Godolphin Cross, near Heston, United Kingdom, found out the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has a strong connection with the global Godolphin horse racing empire.

“There is nothing here apart from the chapel, which we use for pensioners, youth clubs, scouts and other stuff”. Well, they appealed to his love of horse-racing.

“These kinds of things don’t normally happen”, said association chairman Richard McKie. “If you can help us in any way, it would be a magnificent gesture”.

The sheikh, who has been invited to visit the village, was unavailable for comment. Initially, the community association thought it was being hoaxed, but eventually, it became clear that the correspondence was the real deal.

“Then I had a phone call from our secretary that we’d been made an offer”.

“The irony was we’d tried the Prince’s Trust and thought a way through would be the Duchess of Cornwall, but they don’t give money to purchase buildings like this, so we didn’t get anything from the Duchess of Cornwall, but we did from the ruler of Dubai”.

Mr McKie said it would not be appropriate to say much the sheikh had offered, but it is understood the association has itself raised around £25,000 though events and donations towards the £90,000 needed to buy the chapel. He added: “They were good as gold.he’s done us proud”.

“She’s a Methodist and would never have had a bet in her life, but she remembered that story; that’s where it came from”. But this time, he went out of his way to help villagers from a village in England.

Forbes attributes the decline to Sheikh Mohammed’s investments in Dubai’s ambitious building projects, as well as reversals in the stock market that have hit numerous world’s uber-rich royals.

After finding an email address online, Mckie wrote a short message to Sheikh Mohammed, who has a net worth of $18 billion (£14 billion), according to Forbes.