Suspected Holocaust memorial vandal held on bail

Suspected Holocaust memorial vandal held on bail

Police in Boston have arrested a man in the vandalism of the Holocaust memorial there.

Erected in 1995, the Holocaust memorial consists of six towering glass columns engraved with over two-million numbers.

Crews spent the night cleaning up shards of glass that littered the ground after someone shattered one of the panes, which holds the names of millions of numbers that represent the infamous tattoos that were on the victims’ arms.

A witness then saw Isaac pick up an object and throw it at the memorial, shattering a glass panel. Isaac was charged with willful and malicious destruction of personal property and willful and malicious destruction of a place of a monument, and he might also face civil rights charges, officials told the Globe. He was held on $750 cash bail for those charges, but he had his bail revoked in an unrelated assault and battery case that is now pending in Chelsea District Court. The six towers represent the six main death camps and the six years, 1939-1945, when the most deadly phase of the “Final Solution” took place, according to the memorial’s website.

The suspect was arrested by Boston police shortly after carrying out the act, according to witnesses.

Boston Police responded to a vandalism call at the memorial on Union Street just before 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, and blocked it off with crime tape.

“When we hear the sound of broken glass, we shudder”, said Barry Shrage, president and CEO of Combined Jewish Philanthropies, referring to Kristallnacht, a wave of anti-Jewish violence in Germany in 1938. “Now here, we have the mayor, governor, the police department – God bless you all”. “We’re not going anywhere”.

Isaac is scheduled to appear in court later on Wednesday.