Texas deputy and husband indicted for murder after film of choking man

Texas deputy and husband indicted for murder after film of choking man

Chauna was placed on administrative leave and was cooperating with investigators.

The attorney for a Houston-area sheriff’s deputy who has been indicted for murder along with her husband following a late night confrontation with a man says the couple had no intention of hurting the person.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said Wednesday that every aspect of Hernandez’s death will be presented to a grand jury.

KPRC2 asked the sheriff to respond to these specific concerns at the news conference Gonzalez called within an hour after Hernandez’s family and supporters gathered outside the Sheriff’s Office-its steps barricaded with several deputies on patrol.

(Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle via AP). Thompson, a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy, an.

An off-duty sheriff’s deputy and her husband have been indicted for murder after the husband choked a man in a Denny’s parking lot in Houston.

She faces accessory to murder charges, according to the Houston Chronicle.

A Texas deputy and her husband were indicted on murder charges earlier today in the strangling death of a drunk man who had been urinating outside a Denny’s restaurant last month.

Hernandez was Latino and both Thompsons are white, but sheriff’s investigators have not said whether they believe race was a factor in the killing.

The deadly confrontation started on May 28 outside Denny’s restaurant in Sheldon, 17 miles northeast of Houston.

The Thompsons are accused of causing the death of 24-year-old John Hernandez who they restrained outside a Houston-area restaurant. Terry Thompson appeared to be choking Hernandez with his forearm. Chauna Thompson, who was off duty, arrived later to help her husband subdue and restrain Hernandez. Chauna Thompson began telling the person capturing footage of the fight to stop recording her husband because it was “illegal”.

More than a dozen witnesses testified, and a grand jury reviewed the autopsy report, the findings of the medical examiner and saw video evidence that was also released to the public.

“They treated. John Hernandez as the criminal”, he said.

Hernandez’s family wonders if the couple received preferential treatment in courts and throughout the justice process because of Chauna’s connections to law enforcement. “Whenever you would wave at them, they just kind of stick to themselves”. “They’re not EMT’s”, said Stewart. A verbal confrontation turned physical.

CBS affiliate KHOU reports that Melissa Trammel saw Terry Thompson holding John Hernandez, 24, in a chokehold and that it nearly 45 minutes for police to arrive on the scene.

Trammel told the station that she was waiting on the Hernandez family and was bringing them cream for Hernandez’s coffee when his wife ran outside after him.

The family’s attorney said the video showed a crime of at least manslaughter being committed.

Scot Courtney, who is representing Terry Thompson, also criticized the Harris County district attorney’s office on Thursday for putting the case before a grand jury so quickly. “And he looked me in my face and said he is not getting off him”.

Cagle said when Chauna Thompson realized that Hernandez had stopped moving, she told her husband to get off him and she performed CPR. “She’s not going to get her father back in five years”.

Chauna Thompson is seen helping her husband by pinning Hernandez’s arm.

The video, recorded by a witness, showed Thompson sitting on the victim’s back with a strong chokehold as his legs kick spasmodically and he made grunting sounds.