The Unicode Consortium Releases 56 New Emojis

The Unicode Consortium Releases 56 New Emojis

Others include a woman wearing a hijab, yoga pose, T-Rex, curling rock and zombies.

The 56 code points needed to create the 239 new emojis in Emoji 5.0 make up a relatively tiny proportion of new characters in this release. With the Unicode 10, 56 new emojis have been released along with a major addition of 8,518 characters bringing the total number of characters to 136,690. What else? A broccoli, a merman and mermaid, a grasshopper, a vomiting emoji, a pretzel, a pie, and even a fortune cookie – all these are part of Unicode 10. In addition, Unicode 10 also adds support for “lesser-used languages and unique written requirements worldwide”.

Unicode 10.0 now adds support for the symbol for Bitcoin.

You can view all the new emoji in Emojipedia’s video.

Star-struck, face with raised eyebrow, exploding head, insane face, face with symbols over mouth, vomiting face, shushing face, face with hand over mouth, face with monocle, child, adult, older adult, woman with headscarf, bearded person, breast-feeding, mage, fairy, vampire, merperson, elf, genie, zombie, person in steamy room, person climbing, person in lotus position and love-you gesture are part of Unicode version 10.0.

The final emoji list was announced in March, which means vendors already got a few months to check out which emojis are final, reports Emojipedia. Vendors will probably include support for Unicode Version 10 by the second half of this year.

Apple generally updates iOS with new emoji support in September-December each year.

There’s no doubting the popularity of the emoji in the 21st century. That’s always a good thing, of course, since using emoji is akin to using a new type of language, and when everyone can understand a given language, the efficiency of communication improves.

Unicode 10.0 was been released June 20, 2017. What’s your favorite out of the new batch?