Trump family pays its first visit to Camp David

Trump family pays its first visit to Camp David

Trump told global media earlier this year that the presidential retreat is “very rustic” and that he’d “like it. for about 30 minutes”.

For the first time since being sworn in, President Trump is spending the weekend at Camp David, a favorite stop for past Commanders-in-Chiefs.

According to The Washington Post on June 17, #President Donald Trump did not go to one of his own resorts this weekend. They moved into the White House last Sunday.

But while the camp has been used frequently by presidents of both parties, there has been considerable speculation about whether Trump would ever visit the site.

The presidential retreat, located 62 miles north-northwest of Washington, the Catoctin Mountain Park, is officially known as the Naval Support Facility Thurmont, but was re-dubbed Camp David by President Dwight Eisenhower in honor of his father and grandson, both named David.

The president has relaxed on weekends by traveling to his properties in Florida and New Jersey. President Jimmy Carter negotiated the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel on the property in 1978. Following close behind Reagan is President George W. Bush who was a guest there 149 times and stayed there for 487 days.

The commander-in-chief on Saturday headed to Camp David, the government-owned complex he’s ignored since taking office five months ago. His trips there were frequent enough White House staff began referring to it as the “Winter White House“. I’d be surprised if he went up there very much’.

Trump, however, is said to be wary of venturing too far from his own properties.

While Trump would inevitably make a trip to Camp David, it’s not expected to be a mainstay for the luxury-loving former businessman.

Maybe President Trump and his family will have such a great experience that they will return to the secluded place time and time again. The 125-acre grounds include over a dozen cabins, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, a movie theater and a single golf hole. Since the club closed for the season, Trump has paid visits to his golf course in Bedminster Township, N.J. and has dropped by the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, just outside of Washington.