Trump in new attack on German trade tactics and defence spend

Trump in new attack on German trade tactics and defence spend

He tweeted that’s “very bad” for the USA and said “this will change”.

She also suggested in the wake of the Trump visit that Europe’s relationship with Washington had shifted significantly and reiterated her position that “we in Europe have to take our fate into our own hands“.

Speaking at a CSU campaign rally, Merkel said: “The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out”.

Although Merkel did not further elaborate the reasons for her unexpected remarks, many German media speculated that Merkel was referring to her frustrating experience at the G7 meeting earlier this week in Italy’s Sicily.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel was blunter on Monday, slamming the USA president’s “short-sighted” policies that have “weakened the West” and hurt European interests.

“We live in a globalised world and a partner”, she said.

On his first full-day back at the White House following Memorial weekend, the United States president took to twitter to criticise Germany.

Not helping matters was Trump reportedly calling Germans “very bad“, because the country exports far more cars to the United States than it imports.

Alongside Modi, Merkel said that while trans-Atlantic relations are of “paramount significance”, the European Union had to forge its own path in the world “considering the current situation”.

Merkel today repeated that Europe must “take our fate into our own hands” and went on to say that it should step up as a diplomatic player on the worldwide stage.

The White House also insisted that Merkel’s view of a more strategically independent Europe was not incompatible with Trump’s demand for more European defence spending. “The times when we could fully count on others are over to a certain extent”.

Spicer said that Trump feels he and Merkel have a “fairly unbelievable” relationship.

Some of the G7 agendas were especially tough for Merkel, among them was the rise of protectionism and the discussion about Paris agreement on climate change, which Trump refused to endorse. Our friendship with the United States, the UK, our neighbourly relationship with Russian Federation and also with other countries count, of course. But after Trump’s performance at this month’s G7 Summit – characterizations of which ranged from “drunk tourist” to “disaster” – Merkel apparently had had enough. His administration has previously said that Germany’s trade surplus is a result of the country’s manipulation of the euro (Exchange: EUR=).

“That is a good thing for them, it’s a good thing for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and it’s a good thing for America”, Spicer said.