Trump seizes on GOP victory in Georgia to push agenda

Trump seizes on GOP victory in Georgia to push agenda

Mrs. Pelosi has been her party’s leader since 2003, overseeing losses in 2004, big gains in 2006 and 2008, then watching as her party slipped into its smallest minority in almost a century.

The response from some: It better be.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been scrutinized by Democratic lawmakers in the wake of Jon Ossoff’s Tuesday loss to GOP candidate Karen Handel in the Georgia special House election.

Lujan said Tuesday’s results show Democrats have the momentum to flip the 24 seats they need to reclaim control.

That was painfully evident in Georgia, where Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff failed to win this week, despite spending upwards of $30 million in what ended up being the most expensive House election in USA political history. “The House remains in play now”.

The Ohio Dem said a member of Congress pulled him aside that day and said, “Please tell me you’re not going to get rid of Nancy Pelosi, please tell me she’s not going to retire because that’s who I run against”.

She added, “Frankly, I think Republicans are going to get exhausted of winning at some point if the Democrats don’t ever get an agenda”.

In over a decade leading House Democrats, into the majority and out again, Pelosi has beaten back all comers, including last fall when Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of OH ran against her. Ryan fell well short but garnered dozens of votes, enough to underscore dissatisfaction with Pelosi and with her aging leadership team that has left promising young Democrats with few places to rise.

In fact, according to a report in Vox, the main takeaway of the special elections held in 2017 is that the Republicans are in trouble.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill fired back on calls for the House Minority Leader to step down, asserting that Republicans would only smear her replacement. “It’s time for a new generation of leadership in the party”, Moulton said during an interview Wednesday with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Of those, 998 Democrats and 963 Republicans won without any opposition from the other major political party. So it’s time for change.

That said, the Georgia House race was the first real potential evidence of a possible problem, since while Ossoff did much better than the Democratic House candidate in 2016, he did a bit worse than Hillary Clinton in that district, making it hard to assess what “should” happen there. “One of the disappointing things from the last couple days is that that approach has a little bit of punch to it, it still moves voters”.

None of that suggests that Pelosi faces an immediate challenge to her leadership. Even in the minority, the votes she commands are often needed to pass spending bills or other must-pass legislation that House conservatives disdain, and GOP speakers have had to come to her repeatedly hat in hand.

Things are falling apart for Nancy Pelosi, and that spells good news for Pelosi’s Democratic primary rival Stephen Jaffe. We’ve got a lot of energy in our base, which is very exciting for a lot of us to see that on the ground, but you’ve got to beat the Republican and you’ve got to carry this very toxic Democratic brand on your back, too.

But even with $30 million spent – in what became the most expensive House race ever – and with a turnout of 260,000 (more than the 210,000 who voted in the 2014 midterm), Ossoff won exactly 48.1 percent again.

The final tally is still being calculated but the election blew past spending records to become the most expensive House race in USA history.

“She’s easy to demonize”.

President Donald Trump is lashing out at top Democrats on Twitter.

“What was the Democratic message?” he asked.