Trump’s travel ban partly reinstated

Trump’s travel ban partly reinstated

The revised ban does not apply to legal permanent residents and those with current valid visas, but legal experts said it will apply to those who have yet to apply for entry to the U.S.

The Trump Administration dropped its appeal, and, Ferguson said, reimbursed the Washington State Attorney General’s Office for its court costs.

But on June 14, Trump issued a memorandum saying the 90-day travel ban wouldn’t kick in until 72 hours after the courts lift the travel-ban injunction. This decision will hold until the court hears arguments on the ban as a whole in October. The court’s example: family members, university students, and those with USA job offers.

It is unclear how the “bona fide relationship” standard will be applied, and it is possible that there will be confusion if the Trump administration does not explain how it interprets the Supreme Court’s stay order. That’s good news for those who have a provable connection to the U.S., which are expected to include people who have prior family, school or work connections.

“An American individual or entity that has a bona fide relationship with a particular person seeking to enter the country as a refugee can legitimately claim concrete hardship”, the decision reads.

He added that the decision would result in a “flood of litigation” until the court issued its ruling.

“Families without relationships who’ve been vetted and approved to travel are some of the most vulnerable refugees awaiting travel”, the IRC’s Daley Ryan said in a written statement.

“Now we are U.S. Citizens, I worry about this country as much as you do, the temporary travel ban is to benefit the people of U.S. safety-wise, that’s why we support it”, Wehbey said.

Others told Local 10 the ban was discriminatory. Another spokesman for the Admadiyya Muslim Community is anxious that the Supreme Court’s action today may fan the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment. It also banned Syrian refugees from entering the country.

The president welcomed the ruling’s qualified authorisation to bar visitors from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, which he described as “terror-prone countries”. It’s a 90-day travel ban for citizens from those six countries, but there are some exceptions.

“We continue to be confident that the president’s executive order to protect our country is fully lawful and ultimately will be upheld at the Supreme Court”, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended Trump’s travel ban after the two federal appeal courts’ ruling.

In a statement, Trump called the decision a “clear victory”.