Uber chief Travis Kalanick to face charges

Uber chief Travis Kalanick to face charges

His departure was reported to be one of the recommendations that was set before Uber’s board of directors in an all day meeting at the offices of the company’s law firm in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has been working on a probe of Uber’s culture since February and his final report is being considered by the company’s board of directors today.

The complaints proved impossible to sweep under the rug, as Uber a year ago brought in former US Attorney General Eric Holder to run an investigation into the company.

The recommendations would be released to employees on Tuesday, said a board representative, who wished to remain anonymous.

Although Uber’s woes have not hit its growth, some analysts say its problems will not be fixed unless there is a change in leadership.

Martello, a career operator, brings a great deal of financial experience to the company, having previously served as the CFO of Walmart International, the CFO of Nestle and is now on the board of directors and audit committee of Alibaba Group Holdings. Michael was understood to be the second most powerful person at Uber after CEO Travis Kalanick. Uber confirmed Alexander had left the company but declined to discuss the matter further. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr., which reportedly includes ordering Chief Executive Travis Kalanick to step down temporarily.

Another publication reported that one of Mr Holder’s recommendations was that Emil Michael, Uber’s senior vice-president of business and a close friend of Mr Kalanick, should leave the firm. Kalanick has also contributed to the company’s negative publicity in recent months after Bloomberg published a video showing him berating a driver and a Recode report detailing a “cavalier” memo he sent employees in 2013, among other missteps that have happened or come to light this year. Uber now has nine board members and seven hold super-voting shares that give them more power.

Kalanick has taken time off in the past two weeks after his mother died and his father was injured in a boating accident. The outside lawyers made no recommendation about Kalanick.

In addition to firing 20 employees, Uber said Tuesday that it was hiring an Apple marketing executive, Bozoma Saint John, to help improve its tarnished brand.

San Francisco-based Uber is valued at almost $70 billion but has yet to turn a profit. However, as the CEO of the company, Kalanick has been at the centre of the storm.