Uber Set for Changes Over Harassment Issues

Uber Set for Changes Over Harassment Issues

Kalanick condemned the behavior and said he had been unaware of it.

Uber is still coping with waves of bad press about its internal culture and business practices.

The presentation of the Holder report’s recommendations to Uber employees on Tuesday will also mark one week since the embattled company, which is valued at $68 billion, announced that it is looing into the reports at a staff meeting.

He made headlines in 2014 for suggesting Uber could do opposition research on journalists who were critical of the company. Interestingly, this also follows our report that Michael would be leaving the firm.

Kalanick’s then-girlfriend, Gabi Holzwarth, who broke up with him past year, disclosed the visit to The Information. Uber set up a hotline for complaints after that and hired the law firm Perkins Coie to investigate.

“Yesterday was my last day with Uber“.

However, according to people close to the matter, the real reason could be how company executives dealt with sexual harassment and other issues, according to the report.

Last week, Uber fired 20 employees amid an investigation by outside lawyers into hundreds of claims of alleged misconduct.

Several more remain in limbo and subject to discipline.

Earlier this year, Uber’s general counsel recommended that Emil Michael take a leave of absence until the results of the Holder report were delivered. Gabi Holzwarth, Kalanick’s girlfriend at the time, told Bloomberg News that she was at the bar and that Michael had attempted to silence her about the episode.

Recode reported the incident, claiming the records were obtained as Uber was concerned the woman’s claim was part of a smear campaign engineered by rival ride-sharing company Ola.

The company has said that all recommendations from Holder’s investigation are to be implemented.

Uber Technologies Inc. has been rocked by accusations that its management has fostered a workplace environment where harassment, discrimination and bullying are left unchecked.

Uber’s seven-member board, which also includes Kalanick, co-founder Garrett Camp, and Arianna Huffington, had a closed-door meeting Sunday in Los Angeles in which they were also said to be discussing a leave of absence for Kalanick himself.

The turmoil is sure to push back Uber’s expected IPO from 20017 to 2018 – at the earliest.