UK leader holding alliance talks with NIreland party chief

UK leader holding alliance talks with NIreland party chief

May desperately needs the Democratic Unionist Party’s 10 seats to pass legislation.

“A fundamental part of that peace process is that the United Kingdom government needs to be impartial between all the competing interests in Northern Ireland”, he said.

Foster has informed that she was entering discussions with May over the details of any arrangement that would prop up a minority government.

After House Speaker John Bercow was re-elected without challenge, a chastened May quipped: “At least someone got a landslide”. Negotiations on Brexit, the U.K.’s exit from the European Union, are just over a week away. Instead, she found the opposition Labour Party unexpectedly making a strong second-place showing and national politics thrown into disarray.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is pushing for this outcome, and has repeatedly said he was ready to try to form a government.

“It may not be on the Monday because we also have got the Queen’s Speech that week and I will have to speak in that, and so on”, he told Sky News.

Ms Davidson, who became engaged to partner Jen Wilson in May 2016, later told the BBC: “I was fairly straightforward with her (Mrs May) and I told her that there were a number of things that count to me more than the party”.

The Evening Standard edited by Tory former chancellor George Osborne, and the Daily Telegraph, have reported that Cabinet ministers have initiated talks with Labour MPs to secure cross-party backing for a softer Brexit.

But there was a big screw-up, really, by Theresa May halfway through the campaign where she unveiled a policy which seemed to target core Tory, Conservative voters on social care, the costs of social care.

She told the BBC: “I’m suggesting that the Conservative Party works with those both within the House of Commons and with people without to ensure that as we leave the European Union, we have a Brexit that works for the economy and puts that first”.

Going back decades, the DUP was at the vanguard of the failed Save Ulster from Sodomy movement that campaigned against the 1982 legalisation of homosexual sex in Northern Ireland.

CONSERVATIVE AND LABOUR MPs are said to have met for secret talks, as Theresa May comes under increasing pressure for her failure to win a majority and her approach to Brexit.

Even the idea of an alliance is complicated, however. “The peace process is based on a balance that the British government has made it clear it is neutral in Northern Ireland”.

“Any deal which undercuts in any way the process here, or the Good Friday and other agreements, is one which has to be opposed by progressives”.

The stakes for May are high. May visited Buckingham Palace without a ruling majority in hand but with an understanding that a Northern Irish party, the DUP, would support the Conservatives and allow her to form the next government. The DUP lost its majority in an election in January and has been unable to cobble together a new government with rivals Sinn Fein, raising the possibility that London might once again have to impose direct rule.

Having triggered Article 50 earlier this year, Britain has until 29 March 2019 to leave the bloc.

“My preoccupation is that time is passing, it is passing quicker than anyone believes because the subjects we have to deal with are extraordinarily complex”, he added.