UK PM May condemns ‘sickening’ terror attack on Muslims

UK PM May condemns ‘sickening’ terror attack on Muslims

Hours after police called an attack on pedestrians outside a Finsbury Park mosque in north London an act of terrorism, the National Rifle Association’s news outlet, NRATV, attempted to cast doubt on that determination.

The van ramming attack at a mosque in London is “a painful illustration of why we must never allow hatred to breed hatred”, Britain’s chief rabbi said. “We’re not going to let them”, said Mayor Sadiq Khan, speaking after prayers at the Muslim Welfare House yesterday evening.

Monday’s incident took place during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when worshipers traditionally fast during the daytime and worship at night.

An AFP reporter could see a helicopter and many emergency vehicles at the scene, which was closed off by a large police cordon.

The ambulance service says nine people injured in the attack were taken to local hospitals.

Following the attack, London police have arrested a 48-year-old-man after members of the public apprehended him after he left the van and tried to flee the scene.

A senior British police official praised Londoners for the restraint they showed in detaining the suspect in the van attack near a London mosque.

Those leaving the mosque captured the alleged assailant and pinned him to the ground.

“The Mail has misspelled “terrorist” as ‘white van driver, ‘ Rowling wrote”. His attack killed five people.

One elderly man, who had collapsed just before the incident, was pronounced dead at the scene, but it is not yet known whether his death was directly linked to the van assault.

One witness, who went by the name Abdul, told The Independent: “People gather on that part of the street during Ramadan to chat and socialize so it was premeditated”.

“No matter what the motivation proves to be, and we are keeping an open mind, this is being treated as a terrorist attack“. We have one person who has died and as you are aware a man has been arrested.

The site of the incident is close to another mosque near the Finsbury Park on the same road.

Britain, especially London, has been on edge over several recent incidents, including last month’s terror bombing in Manchester and the recent auto attack and stabbing near London Bridge.

Prime Minister Theresa May: “This is a bad incident”.