Ukraine intelligence officer killed by auto bomb in Kiev

Ukraine intelligence officer killed by auto bomb in Kiev

‘As a result of (the explosion) a member of the defence ministry’s main intelligence department, Colonel Maksim Shapoval, was killed, ‘ the defence ministry said in a statement.

The Defence Ministry later identified the victim as Colonel Maxim Shapoval of the Chief Directorate of Ukrainian military intelligence.

Colonel died as his auto crossed an intersection in the west of Kiev.

Authorities have given no details about who could be behind the attack. “The event has been qualified as a terrorist act”.

Earlier this month, a man from Russia’s Chechnya region posing as a French reporter shot and wounded Adam Osmayev, a Chechen who moved to Ukraine and who fought on Kyiv’s side against Russia-backed militants in eastern Ukraine.

The last major incident in Kiev occurred in July, when a prominent investigative journalist, Pavel Sheremet, was killed by the detonation of an explosive device in his vehicle, Reuters indicated. A number of Ukrainian officials, including prosecutors and an adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister said that Russian security services could be behind the incident.

In March, a gunman shot Denis Voronenkov, a former Russian lawmaker and critic of President Vladimir Putin, next to a five-star hotel in central Kiev in broad daylight.

Shapoval was reportedly investigating Russia’s military aggression in the ongoing war in the Donbass region for Ukraine’s case against Russian Federation in the International Court of Justice, also known as The Hague, said.

At least 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict.