United Kingdom government scrambles to limit fallout from London fire

United Kingdom government scrambles to limit fallout from London fire

A railway track which lies in the shadow of a London tower block gutted by a deadly blaze this week was closed on Saturday as the fire brigade worked to clear up debris inside the building.

Damian Magee and other crew members from Whitechapel Fire Station’s Red Watch were among the first firefighters dispatched in the early hours of Wednesday, as the emergency services were flooded with calls. “They need some answers this summer”.

Kate Taylor, who lives about 3 miles from the tower, said she joined the protest to show solidarity with the victims, and said she agreed with the shouts of “Tories out”.

Her second visit ended with jeers from local residents whose frustration was confounded when the PM was quickly ushered into a vehicle after visiting a local church where help was being organised. She met with injured survivors in hospital on Friday.

Dozens of police officers had to hold back angry crowds and break up scuffles as her auto drove off afterwards.

After meeting with Grenfell survivors on Friday, May announced a 5 million pound ($6.4 million) fund to help them and expressed sorrow for their plight. “In recent months, the country has witnessed a succession of awful tragedies”, the monarch said.

Areas near the blaze are covered in posters showing missing persons. Large numbers of volunteers are assisting survivors.

Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by grandson Prince William, paid a visit to the Grenfell Tower this morning where the number of missing is estimated to be around 76.

The government has promised a full public inquiry, but that has done little to a sense of frustration at the lack of information about how the fire moved so quickly to engulf the building. “Something’s gone drastically wrong”, Communities and Local Government Minister Sajid Javid told BBC radio. Our focus has been on those that we know were in Grenfell Tower.

The death toll is expected to rise further as rescue workers continue to search for victims – an operation that Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy described as “extremely challenging”.

Cundy said 12 bodies were in the mortuary, but a number still remained in Grenfell Tower, where a dignified and careful retrieval operation would take place in hazardous conditions.

Hana Wahabi said: “I rang him and the fire had not reached the top of the block at that point”.

Around 70 people are missing, according to Britain’s Press Association, and identification of the victims is proving very hard.

Six victims had been provisionally identified.

British police said yesterday that 58 people were now assumed to have died in the blaze.

In other fires, people have been killed by smoke while trying to evacuate down long stairwells.

Local artist Khadija Saye, 24, who was on the cusp of recognition and whose work was being exhibited at the Venice Biennale, has been named by friends as having died in the fire.

“Mohammed undertook a risky journey to flee war and death in Syria, only to meet it here in the United Kingdom”, the Syrian Solidarity Campaign said in a statement. Clement’s Church in west London.

“The bottom line: Sprinklers, fire doors and multiple stairwells work”, said Chicago Fire Department Battalion Chief Michael Conroy.

It may take some time though, before the families of the victims know the fate of their loved ones. Some 600 people were living in the tower’s 120 apartments. Hands cautioned that officials don’t yet have exact details about the renovation that ended just past year.

The cladding had a plastic core and was similar to that used by high-rise buildings in France, the United Arab Emirates and Australia which had also suffered fires that spread.

The Times newspaper reported that the company that manufactured the cladding also made fire-resistant models that cost fractionally more than the standard version.