USA man pulls metre-long snake out of petrol pump

USA man pulls metre-long snake out of petrol pump

Loren-Stacie Fleener said in a Facebook post they were at the Cowboys Shell gas station on U.S. Highway 278 in Cedartown when they noticed something amiss about their gas pump.

One woman got the shock of her life when she stopped to fill up her vehicle earlier this week.

“He’s a better man than I am”, Radke said. Luckily for them another customer named Brandon Radke came to their aid.

“Once you grab behind the head it can’t really reach around and get you”, Radke told the news station.

“This old man would have a heart attack”, customer Pete Gault added.

Radke was able to get the 3-4 foot snake out of the holder safely and release it into the woods again.

He says it was a nonpoisonous rat snake, but he wrapped his shirt around his hands just in case it tried to bite him.

Although I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home, you’ve got to give props to snake-whisperer Radke for getting the snake out calmly and carefully.