Va. Shooter’s Wife Expresses Horror, Asks Media To Go Away

Va. Shooter’s Wife Expresses Horror, Asks Media To Go Away

Responding to the shooting of Republican Steve Scalise during a GOP baseball practice, Democrat Bernie Sanders said the act was “despicable” and that he was “sickened” by it.

A search of online newspapers show that Hodgkinson frequently wrote letters to his local newspaper, the Belleville News-Democrat, which published almost two dozen letters between 2010 and 2012, many of which included complaints about the same theme: income inequality.

She told reporters she had “no idea” her husband was going to shoot at people when he left for Washington, D.C. earlier this year.

Rep. Steve Scalise was shot when a gunman opened fire at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, VA.

“It’s been much more hard than people even thought at the time”, Trump told reporters at the White House on Thursday, adding he also visited the wounded Capitol Police officer at the hospital.

Former Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille, who chatted with Hodgkinson at the gym, said he assumed the man was homeless because he wore pretty much the same outfit every day and carried a bag full of extra clothes.

Stephen Brennwald, another YMCA member, said he never saw Hodgkinson talk to anyone and figured the man was a “loner”.

“The guy’s down to a handgun, he dropped his rifle, they shoot him, I go over there, they put him in handcuffs”, Conaway said, adding that if the shooter had “gotten inside the fence, where a bunch of guys were holed up in the dugout, it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel”.

“I think what we have to make sure as members of Congress is that people see that we love and care about each other”, Walker said.

Asked about her husband’s decision to leave for an extended period of time, Hodgkinson said that her daughter and two-year-old granddaughter had recently moved home. She said she thought he was going to return to IL because he’d run out of money.

She said she was married to James Hodgkinson for almost 30 years but they have not been together since March, when he moved to Washington, D.C.

Two of Hodgkinson’s victims were severely wounded. He remains in critical condition, but has improved in the last 24 hours. The others wounded were a police officer, a congressional aide and a lobbyist. At the request of the family, we will continue to provide periodic updates. He was listed in critical condition Wednesday night at a Washington hospital, which said he will require several more operations. Scalise was standing near second base when he was shot in the hip. Two police officers were also injured.

Hodgkinson died from his injuries in a shootout with police. But Slater said authorities were still working to determine a motive and had “no indication” Hodgkinson knew about the ball practice ahead of time.

“The. ways they could do that is you’ve ever been treated by a mental physician or in a mental hospital, or you’ve been convicted of a felony, or have been convicted of domestic battery”, said Wagner.

The FBI says the shooter’s white van has been processed.