Xbox Announces Xbox One X

Xbox Announces Xbox One X

Now there are no pre-order deals for the Xbox One X, but we expect that a number of retailers will announce deals to save you money or help you score the latest games with your new console. According to Microsoft, it’s the most powerful games console ever made.

Formerly code-named “Project Scorpio“, the new console includes a large and diverse lineup of 42 games, including 22 that are exclusive to the Xbox One X.

Microsoft has been under pressure to overtake Sony, after the current generation PS4 steadily outsold the Xbox One following the launch of the two systems in 2013. One of those looks awesome and the other is the new Assassin’s Creed game.

Instead, fans who visit the Microsoft, GAME and Amazon websites can register interest in the new console.

Phil Spencer also announced on stage that Xbox plans to expand on their success with the Xbox One backward-compatibility library. It will be available starting November 7, and it will set you back $499.

In another big E3 announcement, Microsoft also confirmed that the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility will roll over to the Xbox One X. It also upscales Xbox One games to 4K, and will be able to play games launched for the original Xbox.

Microsoft’s $50 discount on the Xbox One S console bundles is valid only until June 17. The 4K gaming machine, Xbox One X, is coming out later this year for $499.99.

It is the smallest Xbox console produced, but still boasts an impressive 12Gb of RAM, a six teraflop graphics processor running at 1,172Mhz and a 2.3Ghz custom central processing unit, beating Sony’s PS4 Pro. So the Xbox One S 500GB will sell for $249, and the 1TB bundles get a $299 price tag.

When introducing Microsoft’s most recent Xbox design in 2016, Spencer said the console, which was then also referred to as Project Scorpio, “must deliver true 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR”. Then there was a bit of a lull until last August, when Microsoft gave the Xbox One a bit of a boost with the HDR-supporting Xbox One S.